A Little Herbal First Aid Kit

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This Little Herbal First Aid Kit is a small set of herbal products that are useful on the go and for hiking and camping.
Kit Contains:
- Home grown Yarrow leaf powdered in a glass vial. Useful as a wound healer applied to wound and bandaged, and a wonderful herb to slow and stop bleeding.
CAYENNE-Organic Cayenne Powder in a glass vial. A super hero herb for creating circulation in the blood and body. It has been well known by herbalists as a use for severe bleediing. It has been known to hault nose bleeds, stop headaches, soothe a soore throat and more. All of these would be drank by the 1/2-1 teaspoon full in a cup of water. GREEN SALVE- An Organic salve containing, Wildcrafted Plantain, Organic Chickweed, Comfrey and Lavender. A wonderful healer for anything that itches or stings. Also helpful for cuts, scrapes and bites.
TAKE A HIKE BUG SPRAY- A nice blend of organic citronella and lemongrass and other essential oils that make the bugs wants to take a hike. ANTI-EVERYTHING- organic essential oil blend to disinfect, clean or use as any type of antibacterial oil. Can be combined with Green Salve topically on wounds for extra care. AMETHYST TALISMAN- Amethyst was used as a talisman to ward off that of cuts scrapes and wounds on their journeys.
Amethyst guards the wearer from temptation to get himself drunk and from intemperance. It acts as antidote, protects the owner from skin diseases, headaches, wounds and sharpens the mind. If Amethyst unexpectedly changes its color, it may forecast frost, rain, storm and hurricane. Not only the stone predicts natural disasters, but also guards stone's owner from them.

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