Hemp Vape


Hemp 1st Vape / Drip is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD.

  • Quicker absorption
  • Smaller dosage same effect
  • Get the Entourage Effect
  • Info

    Vape is a whole-plant, hemp-derived CBD. This is a completely natural carrier oil for potent CBD that is suitable for use in a vaporizer and is composed of all-natural ingredients while remaining potent and effective for the quickest route of absorption of CBD. Blended with whole-plant CBD with an all-natural vegetable glycerin to create a vape-friendly product that has a sweet, sharp flavor and immediate effects.

  • Suggested Use

    This product is versatile and its uses are not restricted to use in a vaporizer. The vegetable glycerin formulation for our Vape/Drip product is water soluble, and it can be mixed into a drink, used in cold-cooking, or added to an existing vape juice depending on your preferred absorption method.

    Because this oil is viscous, we recommend using a high-quality vaporizer cartridge, or that you thin out our product by mixing it with other vape juice in vaporizers with less capacity for a dense liquid.

    Because different vapes have different uptake rates, exact dosing can be hard to pin down. Since hemp derived CBD has a marvelous safety profile, you should be confident in using this product and tempering your dose until you achieve the balance and effects you desire.

    This method of ingestion delivers CBD rapidly into your system with instantaneous effects.

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